Weimar & Back is a portable version of the stage show ‘Margo, Half Woman, Half Beast’ 

The show can be performed with piano and voice or with a small ensemble. It features songs by Mischa Spoliansky, Friedrich Hollaender, Kurt Weill and Werner Heymann, as well as newly written material by Melinda Hughes and Jeremy Limb.

Weimar & Back brings to life iconic cabaret songs of the day against a backdrop of charged sexual fever, debauchery and the rise of Fascism, couple with some contemporary replies. The show also has an educational aspect, referencing the historic and political events of the early 1930’s. Weimar & Back has been performed at Crazy Coqs London, The Metropolitan Room New York and at the Lerici Festival Italy.

Melinda released the album Weimar & Back on the Nimbus Alliance label in 2018


“Melinda’s stage presence is the driving force. The puns are sharp and clever, the wit dry and piercing. Her delivery is deadpan, with unerring timing. Melinda is powerful and impressive..”

London Theatre 1

“their humor is as sharp as in the Weimar material and they hit their targets”

Stage Buddy


“there is no doubting that both Melinda Hughes and Jeremy Limb are exceptionally talented artists”

Musical Theatre Review



Margo Half Woman Half Beast is the story of the tragic relationship between the cabaret singer Margo Lion and the lyricist Marcellus Schiffer, fuelled by alcohol, cocaine and jealousy set within a world of political unrest. Margo is written by Melinda Hughes and directed by Sarah Sigal, with additional music by Jeremy Limb & Melinda Hughes. It started as a co-production with JW3 London and received 5 star reviews at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe.

‘a witty, entertaining and profoundly moving show’
www.londontheatre1.com  (5 stars)

‘I was entertained and educated all at once… Margot is intimate and genuine’
www.attitude.co.uk  (5 stars)

‘wonderful work of theatre… a sensitive, dramatic performance’
Southside Advertiser.biz (5 stars)

Hughes fills these songs with emotion – whether that be a cheeky playful humour or heart-wrenching sorrow’ 
CultureFix (5 stars)

‘Moving personal drama interspersed by a rich and varied narrative song set’  The Stage

Visit the Margo website for more info

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