London Theatre 1
‘She is that rare unique performer able to walk a delicate path between the comic and the serious, the satiric and the silly.’

Musical Theatre Review
‘Deliciously wicked political and social satire’  

The Times, London
‘So clever…every pun hit the mark’  

Vanity Fair
‘scandalous and timely’  

New York Social Diary
‘A brilliant cabaret goddess, a satirist of high order’  

Cabaret Scenes
‘that perfect British bearing and diction for barbed wit and wry send-up with deadpan hilarity’  

Theatre Pizzazz New York
‘her wry and sometimes silly delivery of the material—both by her and others—displayed a delightful, down to earth, quality.’  

Call me Adam
‘It’s right on the mark… she’s on the “right track baby!’  

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